The Road To Resilience: Adaptability

As someone with arthritis rigidity is my nemesis. I wake up with stiff joints and wish for a day where I don’t look like a broken rodeo cowboy as I get out of bed. I go to yoga class and see the people around me move their bodies in ways I know I never will be capable of. Recently I decided to eliminate rigidity from my life altogether. I questioned any unyielding viewpoints I had, I began to say yes more, and I stopped being so attached to the outcome of things that I wanted to happen. In case you were wondering, this is HARD. But also very enlightening. As I questioned my thoughts I asked, “Where did this thought come from? Is it really mine? Why do I think things have to be this way?” I realized that many of my thoughts about good/bad, right/wrong, or should/shouldn’t have been fed to me and didn’t stand up to scrutiny. Without rigid judgments cluttering my mind I’ve been able to relax into my life and go with the flow more easily.  Adaptability is the keystone to resilience because without it you will eventually get stuck.

So, as you move into a more resilient life, consider letting go of  the rigidity in your life that is keeping you stuck. You’ll be quietly surprised at the shifts that will happen

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