The Road To Resilience: Effort

Many of us have heard stories about people winning the lottery and then blowing it all in a year, ending up on food stamps and living with their in-laws. Or trust fund children with every advantage who play video games every day. How in the world could this ever happen, we wonder.

The simple answer is that they never learned to be resilient. Having their good fortune thrust upon them ended up doing them a disservice. One of the characteristics of a resilient person is that they are willing to put in the effort required to succeed. They are always looking at a way through adversity and use their creativity to find solutions to every problem. When good fortune comes their way they use it to improve their circumstances even more.

A resilient person doesn’t sit on their laurels for very long, nor do they fall into self-pity. They are the first to understand that the way through adversity is to take positive action, and they do this every day.

Are you willing to put forth the effort to be resilient? Can you wake up every day and decide to do your best? What one thing can you wake up tomorrow and do to help your situation? Think about this and then stop thinking and DO. You’ll feel better than if you won the lottery.

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