It’s my life and I’m going to live it – Live yours too!

This little guy was waiting for me; I just knew it. I had been scuba diving every day during my trip to the Caribbean island of Bonaire and I kept saying to myself, “ I sure hope I see a squid today.”  Scuba diving with squid before had taught me just how curious and amazing these little creatures were. They travel in groups, and swim in line, “talking” to each other by changing colors to communicate while they check you out. I was convinced that one day I could get one to communicate with me.

When I saw this squid swimming next to me I decided to try out my theory. I hovered close so he wouldn’t be scared off, then I rolled onto my back. Sure enough, Mr. squid turned upside down too. I then held out my hand and wiggled my fingers. Mr. squid wiggled too. We hung out for a good few minutes enjoying each other before we both swam off.

This was a sentinel day for me. I was in the middle of a years- long flare-up of my juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and the idea of doing anything physical, let alone travel to Bonaire and go scuba diving, was not what most people would say, a good idea.

I was tired of playing it safe, however, and tired of putting my life on hold so my body could potentially heal. Instead, I wanted adventure and to focus on something other than how swollen my knees were or how far I could straighten my elbow.

So, I joined my family in Bonaire and had the time of my life. Sure I had to swallow my pride and ask for help a lot, but that didn’t lessen the huge grin on my face.

You don’t have to be “perfect” to move into healthy living, chronic disease, chronic pain, or not.

Instead, sometimes, no matter what is happening to you, it’s best to say, “It’s MY life, and I’m going to live it!” And never look back……

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