The Road to Resilience

Resilience is the ultimate life skill. Without it a person will easily become overwhelmed by the many challenges that life dishes out. With it, no challenge is too large. It is also a requirement for living well with chronic diseases which provide challenges on a daily basis.

For the next few months we are going to talk more in depth about resilience and how to rediscover the innate resilience that lives inside you.

To start, think about these questions:

  • What does resilience mean to you?
  • Where do you see resilience in your life?
  • Who is the most resilient person you know and what characteristics do they possess?
  • What resilient characteristics do you have?

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

This popular Japanese proverb succinctly describes resilience. It speaks to the importance of getting back up despite repeated failures and to keep on going despite setbacks.

For the next few weeks keep this proverb in your mind as you walk through your day. Open your eyes to the resilience that surrounds you, you’ll soon find that it’s everywhere.

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