The Road To Resilience: Birth


Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive and author of numerous best-selling books and tapes, is someone I’ve received many life-changing insights from. One of these insights came as I was reading her book, Why people don’t heal and how they can.

In the book she told a story. She had been working as a medical intuitive for years and was giving workshops for people who were desperately looking for healing. During the course of her work she noticed just how attached people were to their stories of illness and abuse. She said that they would become extremely agitated if she didn’t acknowledge them as abuse survivors, cancer victims, etc. She was able to see that by so strongly identifying with their particular challenge, they were perpetuating it. As Einstein once said, “ No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.”

During one workshop she decided to ask a series of questions. She said, “How many people would quit their jobs if it meant they would heal?” Almost everyone raised their hands. (Of course!) “How many people would change the foods they ate if it meant they would heal?” Less than half. “How many people would leave relationships if it meant they would heal?” Very few raised their hands. As the questions went on the excuses and justifications began flowing. People once again became agitated and ire was raised. She then realized very clearly why many people never heal. At some level they don’t want to do what it takes to get there.

True healing requires great change, immense commitment, unrelenting perseverance, and dogged determination. For healing to happen there has to be a conscious decision, and the knowledge that you won’t end up getting back to your old self. Instead you will become who you were truly meant to be.  The birth of healing begins with the commitment to yourself that you will do the work required. You will never give up, and you will keep hope alive. The road won’t be easy or smooth, but is your life that way now?

You are stronger than you know. Just for today, give birth to the idea that you can heal your body, your mind, your life. And take a small step forward into your new reality. Then do the same tomorrow.

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