Why We Need Magic


“When you are curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” – Walt Disney

We live in a rational age. If it doesn’t have a double-blind, placebo controlled study to back it up, it is called “alternative,” another word for quackery. Science, and the scientific method is the gold standard for inquiry into medical treatment options. This is a structured, formal approach to solving problems, which, on the surface is great. When you have a disease, you go to a doctor, and they have all the research at their disposal that will tell you which medication will best fit your symptoms. You walk out the door with a prescription and you go on with your life. We’ve moved past the times when diseases were treated with blood-letting leaches, thank goodness.

The problem starts when you are diagnosed with a chronic disease. Medications, at best, subdue your symptoms, and at worst, give you a whole bunch more. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a lose-lose situation, I either live with the severe pain and swelling of the arthritis, or I live with a variety of other ailments- rashes, fatigue, infections, all caused by the various arthritis drugs I have to take. It is the devil you know versus the devil you don’t.

This is a very depressing situation to find oneself in, especially when you feel that this is your only option. Luckily for me, I’ve discovered that medicine isn’t the only game in town. So-called “alternative” treatments may not have the scientific research to back them up, but a few of them have given me real results. And, when you live in constant pain, results matter.

Over the years, because I have remained curious and open to exploring all of my options, I’ve found that energy work, acupuncture, far-infra red saunas, and various herbs have all helped my arthritis. Each of these I see as a piece of the puzzle that I am filling in during my quest for health.
They may seem like voodoo, or magic, but really in the end, who cares. I know that as long as I stay curious, keep asking questions, and never give up, I will be guaranteed to feel better.
It takes courage to think out of the box, and to take action on behalf of yourself when the outside world may not be fully supporting you, but you, and only you, have to live in your body. And it is up to you to do whatever it takes to move into health.
Stay strong!!

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